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Happy Fall Y'all

Next to Spring, Fall is my second fave time of the year. The Pensacola Interstate Fair, Holland Farms and their famous boiled peanuts, cooler weather, and Halloween.

It's a time of change too, the leaves change into the most stunning colors of the year. My husband, David and his family would go to the mountains on family vacation just to see the leaves change every year. He said his mother would make them drive around for hours just looking at all the leaves. I see a lot of his mother in my husband too. He made our own family drive to the Alabama boarder to look at some land on the way home he drove back roads so we could look at all the trees. The only thing about that was...they were all burned from the controlled burns they do in the state forest around here. I laughed and laughed about the comparisons! The funny thing about that trip out to the middle of nowhere, it will forever be one of my favorite memories with my family. So take the time to drive for hours on pointless ( or are they? ) trips...they just might be some of your favorite ones.

If you're interested in taking the NBR journey, apply at under the NBR page. I'll see you soon!

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