I am currently certified in several handtied beaded row methods. I have chosen to learn a variety of methods to better customize your handtied extensions experience.


these methods will blend with your natural hair better than other methods I have seen with little to no damage.


I only work with handtied hair. this makes blending with your own hair appear more natural without it being bulky. the biggest difference with a beaded row experience is the points of attachment. having fewer points of contact. meaning I will work with fewer beads and won't affect your natural hair as much as some others methods will. I custom color the hair to blend in with your own hair. this is key to making a seamless blend.


handtied extensions are attached at the scalp area. when your hair grows, the rows will grow with your own hair. I recommend 

maintenance moveup appointments to be 6-8 weeks.

the hair will last 6-9 months depending on proper 


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