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Tick Tock

I went back to Huntington Beach, California....yes AGAIN 🤣 This time is was for Mastermind Convention.

Inside of the Big Money Stylist program, they have grown at a rapid rate. It was making it hard for the members to keep up with all the content provided and for the coaches to coach effectively.

So long story short......

They have changed the requirements to be inside BMS. In order to be apart of the program we have to go back to the basics. Meaning, we have to do 30 rows ( like above pictures ) start to finish on our mannequin heads, along with other requirements.

In doing the work, it has made me realize the amount of commitment I have. Not just to BMS, but to myself and my family. I can only think of one or two times in my life that I have put in the work to achieve my goals. In 2016, I traveled to Chicago to take the American Board of Certified Colorsist. I set the goal to evolve and grow as a colorist. Before taking the test, I would be terrified of color and formulations. It gave me the confidence I needed to take on everyday challenges behind the chair.

My current goal of learning NBR came from a place of wanting to learn an extension method where I could make women feel amazing in having the hair of their dreams. It's just that, I love seeing women feel confidence they might not have ever had or haven't had in awhile.

So I ask you, what are you waiting for? Let me make you FEEL more beautiful, you DESERVE it!

Head over to to fill out your application to get started.

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